Our Purpose in Bihar

In Bihar—India’s third most populous state—85% of people live in rural areas; more than half live in poverty. World Health Partners works to bring healthcare to people in underserved communities in Bihar through a network of existing informal healthcare workers and trained private sector providers.

In Bihar, the WHP network is focused on:

  • Fast diagnosis & treatment for childhood illnesses such as pneumonia and diarrhea, which can be deadly;
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate case follow-up for tuberculosis;
  • Diagnosis and treatment for visceral leishmaniasis (VL), which can be deadly if untreated, and
  • Providing family planning information and services.

100 Million People

3rd Most Populous State

85% – 85,000,000

Live in Rural Communities

55% – 55,000,000

Live Below the Poverty Line

70,000 TB Cases

Highly Preventable/Per Year

5,000 VL Cases

Deadly, But Very Curable/Per Year

70/1000 >5 Mortality Rate

Exceptionally High Rate
Health Provider
Dr. Praveen, Health Provider
Providing Lifesaving Care in Bihar

WHP’s Approach

WHP delivers healthcare in rural and underserved communities in Bihar, India through its Sky social franchise, a healthcare network that connects rural communities with local providers and other healthcare professionals.

The Sky network offers timely, high-quality healthcare by supporting local providers with additional training for appropriate diagnosis and treatment, connecting them with a reliable supply chain for medication, and building telemedicine connections with other providers for consultations and referrals. WHP also markets the Sky network in local communities to encourage families to seek healthcare with network providers.


The Sky network in Bihar encompasses more than 10,000 rural health practitioners. So far, the network has treated:

  • > 2.7 million cases of childhood pneumonia,
  • > 4.1 million cases childhood diarrhea, and
  • > 14,000 cases of tuberculosis.

The Sky network in Bihar has also provided family planning services, which may have helped prevent more than 17,000 unintended pregnancies.


WHP works in 13 of the 38 districts in Bihar: Begusarai, Bhagalpur, East Champaran, Gopalganj, Khagaria, Muzzafurpur, Nalanda, Patna, Saharsa, Samastipur, Siwan, Vaishali, West Champaran


Implemented as part of the larger Ananya Initiative, a collaboration between the Government of Bihar, implementing organizations, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Tackling Tuberculosis in Patna


Every year, nine million people contract tuberculosis (TB); 25 percent of all new TB cases happen in one country: India. In its work in India, the WHP team is focused on diagnosing and treating TB and preventing new TB cases.

WHP’s Approach

In Patna, the capital of Bihar, WHP is focused on demonstrating an effective, replicable model for how to involve the private healthcare sector in upping diagnosis and treatment rates for tuberculosis.

The WHP team in Patna is aiming to:

  • Encourage early and accurate diagnosis of TB in private sector,
  • Track and record TB cases diagnosed and treated in the private sector,
  • Ensure appropriate treatment and the completion of treatment for TB patients seeking care in the private sector.

The WHP team works with qualified or informally qualified providers, chemist shops, and private sector diagnostic facilities to create networks to ensure patients receive appropriate care and referrals, including the latest diagnostic technologies and an e-voucher system for receiving subsidized TB drugs.


So far, in Patna, the WHP network includes:

  • > 600 formal providers,
  • > 700 informal providers,
  • > 600 chemists, and
  • 140 laboratories & imaging centres.

Together this network has:

  • Diagnosed > 14,000 cases of tuberculosis
  • Given >12,000 patient free TB treatment through the e-voucher system,
  • Helped nearly 2,000 patients complete TB treatment, and
  • Helped to diagnosis >250 cases of drug resistant TB.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), Government of Bihar

Government Engagement in Patna

WHP is recognized in Patna as a Private Provider Interface Agency (PPIA) by the Government of Bihar, which has recognized WHP’s status as an organization collaborating with private providers.

WHP welcomes the opportunity to collaborate to implement this commitment in rural Bihar.