Telemedicine Solution

In view of the rural focus of WHP’s programmes, simplicity is made the cornerstone of WHP’s use of technology. The frontend is kept simple and intuitive with the highly sophisticated processes and applications taken to the backend.The technologies also recognise the weak infrastructure and low resources in villages so the frontend technology is largely used to collect the signals and data which are processed in highly sophisticated systems located in the backend.

India is a powerhouse of coding and WHP uses it to compress all inputs so they can work in fraught environments.

Althea Plus

A range of plug and play devices, all with the mandatory CE certification, are integrated into a technology platform housed in a tablet. The devices can be used offline to conduct screening patients and online to communicate with distant doctors in remote time. Each consultation results in a prescription on a printer which also serves as scanner to send previous medical doctors to doctors. Each interaction is captured and stored as an electronic medical records under a unique patient identify which makes referrals easier. The EMRs also provide an opportunity for remote monitoring and pattern recognitions through algorithms and analytics.

The Althea system can transmit live videos and audio in real time with the bandwidth strength of 30 kbps.


Althea is a lower version for situations where the bandwidth strength is lower than 30 kbps. Only still images and audio can be transmitted for these consultations.

Central Medical Facility

Doctors in cities can connect with village centres through their laptop. They can be located anywhere and require only the special software and an internet connection.

The doctors connect with web-based algorithms that standardise the processes and help them with differential diagnoses. They use many dropdown menus of morbidities, diagnostic tests and medicines to expedite consultations. A number of frequently used phrases are pre-loaded on the system which prints in a local language on the prescriptions.

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