WHP Technology

World Health Partners is building technology-powered networks to meet head on the challenges of delivering healthcare in underserved communities.

WHP’s networks bring together public- and private sector health providers, rural health workers, and local entrepreneurs through telemedicine and mobile-enabled connections that mobilize and connect existing human resources in new ways. These connections drive faster, more accurate diagnoses, reliable medication supply chains, timely referrals, emergency consultations, and consistent preventative care. The WHP telemedicine system uses two types of connection, one created through universally available cellphone coverage and the other through internet connections. Through these connections, rural health providers can consult with doctors and specialists in cities and share vital information such as blood pressure and pulse readings, stethoscope sounds, blood counts, fetal sounds, cardiac signals, and temperature.

These networks help to remedy the common challenges of:

·      Limited physical accessibility and the location of healthcare facilities;
·      A lack of availability and capacity of needed resources;
·      Poor quality and functionality of service required for patient treatment;
·      Unaffordability of treatment relative to a patient’s income.

Mobile Connectivity

WHP uses an mDOC system, which connects rural healthcare providers with doctors for consultations and referrals through a SIM card-powered system. The mDOC system allows providers to share images and stores information in the individual’s cloud-based medical record so that it can retrieved at another facility. The mDOC kit is highly portable and has an inbuilt battery back-up.


Like mDOC, the ReMeDi system allows rural providers to share information with networks doctors and store this information in the patient’s medical record. It also allows for video consultation using a long-corded webcam, which can be particularly helpful for sharing physical examination information with a consulting physician.

Central Medical Facility & Call Center

WHP runs a Central Medical Facility New Delhi and Patna, which is a space where medical professionals offer telemedicine consultations and advice for rural patients.

WHP also runs a call center, which employs trained counselors to offer important and timely medical information to patients in underserved communities, who cannot quickly reach a health professional.  Call center advice has been particularly important for mothers whose children have diarrhea and pneumonia and need advice about what to do.

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