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Anup, Health Provider
Champa, Health Patient

World Health Partners builds healthcare networks to deliver medications, test results, and enable people in underserved communities to get timely referrals to higher levels of care when they need it.

These networks do not rely on medical breakthroughs or cutting edge technology. They are built with existing resources: local entrepreneurs, trained health professionals in the public and private sector, and basic SIM card-powered devices and telemedicine portals.

WHP’s healthcare networks are branded as Sky networks. By joining the network, healthcare professionals can connect with a network of colleagues, including local healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, specialists, laboratories, and pharmacists, from whom they can seek and receive referrals, including via telemedicine consultations. Sky network providers also agree to meet certain quality of care standards and to provide essential preventive care services including family planning.

Through the WHP network, people in underserved communities and local healthcare workers and entrepreneurs can connect with more highly trained health professionals and share vital medical information with network doctors, including blood pressure and pulse readings, stethoscope sounds, blood counts, fetal sounds, cardiac signals, and temperature. Network providers can make referrals, order lab test, receive lab results, and more easily get medication to people who need it.

WHP’s networks bring together the social skills, community relationships, and problem-solving mentality of local entrepreneurs and the medical skills of health professionals in the public sector. Through these partnerships and networks, WHP brings essential healthcare services directly to people’s doorsteps in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

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