WHP’s approach addresses the perennial problem of the inability to reach rural and vulnerable communities with essential health services
About Us
World Health Partners (WHP) is committed to delivering health and reproductive health services to rural and marginalized communities in the developing world. Utilizing existing social and economic infrastructure, as well as innovations in social franchising and marketing, we have developed a holistic, scalable, replicable model that can be applied to low resource settings. The WHP model overcomes additional hurdles, by employing the latest advances in communication and medical technologies. It links the informal and formals sectors through a cost-efficient, referral-based, multi-leveled, service delivery network, and provides underserved communities access to high quality, affordable health services.
The Problem
Two-thirds of the people in developing countries live in rural areas and suffer from the lack of access to health care and reproductive health services. Services and technologies that are generations old (e.g. immunizations, chlorine tablets, contraception, therapeutics, diagnostics) rarely reach the rural poor. The situation is created by market and public sector failures and exacerbated by donors’ lack of recognition that only horizontal programming will incentivize the private sector to focus on preventive care in addition to curative care. Limited availability of organized media further isolates underserved communities by restricting social marketing.
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Innovations in Healthcare
World Health Partners (WHP)