New year, same old issues related to development

As indicated in the newly released World Malaria Report issued by WHO, there were 5 million more malaria related deaths in 2016, compared with 2015 (

After some very intensive campaigns globally, the trends were showing positive traction. However, beyond treatment, it is really important to identify sources of the problem, and tackle it in a more comprehensive manner. This would require a host of organizations in the development sphere to work together.

Unfortunately, that negative trend has not stopped. Everyone continues to work in silos – development agencies, donors, government, private sector – as a result of which whatever gains that are made in combating health problems have the unfortunate habit of rolling back!

World Health Partners has been trying to develop partnerships that will enable more comprehensive approaches to dealing with health issues, with the larger focus being in the rural landscape, where over 70% of populations reside.

Whether it is a lack of an energy source, or identifying poor sanitation practices, WHP hopes that its new partnerships will drive a more sustainable approach to healthcare.

We live in hope that someday, key constituents will see what really works and focus on development, rather that ensuring their individual names appearing in neon lights.

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