Renewable power source to drive primary health care?

Power is at the centre of all development activity, whether urban or rural. However, it is in rural areas that the lack of it is very apparent. Urban India does have power, whether supplied by the state, or by the egfforts of individuals and larger conglomerates who have chosen to equip themselves with power backup, either through diesel generators or a rechargeable battery bank for limited use.

In the rural landscape, electrification is very sparse, and if present, very unreliable. Given below is a link to an experiment conducted by the Chahattisgarh health authorities:

WHP has submitted proposals to ramp up primary healthcare in the state. If the experiment mentioned above has worked, why have we not heard more about it?

A related path that WHP has chosen to pilot (with the support of URJA) is the provision of healthcare through a solar powered unit located in Maharajganj, which will support the activity of a Sky Centre.

Watch this space as the project develops!