Accelerating change in the pace of rural healthcare

Marijke Wijnroks has written a very thoughtful article (Voices, May 2017) about what needs to be done to improve global health development goals:

There are two aspects that are particularly important in the health context.

The one which was addressed is that there is a clear case for increasing and improving preventive care. Early detection of ehalth conditions will not only save lives, but greatly help to reduce the economic burden. In the context of the economically weak segments, this is an absolute must have, not just ‘good to have’.

The other one, which was probably left out because of the context of the article relates to the focus on rural healthcare. Despite continuously accelerating migration patterns from rural to urban settlements, rural population still accounts for close to 70% of global population. Isn’t it time for countries to sit up and address the needs of these societies, where even basic healthcare is not to be found?