WHP Signs New Partnership Agreement to Further Family Planning and Other Services in Uttar Pradesh

In late July, the World Health Partners (WHP) India team signed a new agreement with government officials in India, further strengthening their joint commitment to provide basic healthcare in underserved communities.

The new agreement between a body called the State Innovations in Family Planning Service Agency (SIFPSA) and the WHP team formalizes the two organziations’ collaborative efforts to offer family planning, reproductive and maternal healthcare, and pediatric care services in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Amit Kumar Ghosh, Executive Director, SIFPSA, and Prachi Shukla, Country Director, WHP signing MOU

Amit Kumar Ghosh, Executive Director, SIFPSA, and Prachi Shukla, Country Director, WHP signing MOU

Together, these organizations will offer telemedicine services and help local healthcare providers build successful business models, brands, and franchises for offering healthcare locally and collaborate with private sector healthcare providers in WHP’s Sky network. So far, the network includes more than 1,500 entrepreneurs, who are working to offer healthcare services to a population of 32 million people in Western, Eastern, and Central Uttar Pradesh.“We are really excited to formalize our collaboration with SIFPSA thorugh this agreement,” said Prachi Shukla, Country Director, WHP. “By working with SIFPSA, we will be able to offer more women, children, and families in Uttar Pradesh healthcare and support local health workers by connecting them to a healthcare network and offering telemedicine referrals and consultations.”

SIFPSA is committed to the mission of facilitating, through innovative means and partnerships with government and other agencies, the goal of achieving health for all by improving the quality, demand, access and delivery of family planning and maternal and child healthcare services and also improving quality of life overall including the status of women.

WHP’s mission is to bring better healthcare within a walkable distance for underserved communities around the world. Since 2008, WHP has been operating a social franchise network on scale in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India and in Western Kenya. The network has provided more than 150,000 teleconsultations, largely for primary care, and has served millions of clients with targeted services and product distribution for family planning, tuberculosis, and childhood illnesses.

These two organizations will now be collaborating to work with local government bodies as well as other national and international organizations to find ways to better serve local communities with needed healthcare services.